Curveball or slider

for high school freshmen what do you think they should throw the cruveball or the slider?

I say start with the hook and advance to the slider if you think you need more. I think the curve can be thrown compentently, with more consistancy once you get the mechanics of it.

IMO … Hold off as long as you can (re: your physical development) to bring in the slide, but make sure also you have mastered the straight change. The curve is a nice pitch, but the spin gives it up as “not being a fastball” … the beauty of the straight change is that it looks like the fastball, and when mastered can add inches to your fastball.

It’s not only the quality of the pitches thrown as the proper sequences in the count that they are used…study hitters, understand where they are weak ( the best have weak spots ) and take advantage of them !