Curveball mechanics

are they the same as the fastball? I know I can’t throw a curveball like if i was going to throw a fastball for deception. I sort of have to slow down and then speed up and throw but I’m concerned I’ll be tipping the batter on what I’m going to throw. However, with these mechanics I’ve had success on getting hitters out. It kind of feels wrong but it works. I’ve notice how pitchers sort of slow down and then speed up and throw it but I notice the slight change in mechanics. Can anyone help me out on this with proper mechanics or somethin?

Using different mechanics for different pitches will tip off batters.

It will also be more difficult to develop good, repeatable mechanics if you’re trying to perfect multiple sets of mechanics instead of just one set.

Finally, good mechanics and timing will put your release point where it will make your pitches the most effective - out front where movement is maximized and where it is as close to home plate as is appropriate. This applies to all pitches.

So, work on perfecting one set of mechanics for all pitches. You’ll be better off in the long run, IMHO.

You might be getting hitters out now, because even if they no the curve is coming, they simply aren’t good enough to hit it. But you will face hitters for whom this is not the case, so develop good mechanics now to get them out later.