Curveball Issue

I have been having some trouble throwing a consistent curveball or slurve. The thing is no one ever really sat me down and or through a bullpen session worked on it with me too well. If anything just like once. I could really use some tips on mechanics of a good curveball and how to throw it basically.

It is difficult to offer you suggestions on how you should throw it since you really need to be seen. Your arm slot, shoulder height, pitch grip and more comes into play. What you should do is have someone videotape you throwing the curve/slurve then watch it to see your basic mechanics. Videotaping should be done from the front, back and side. Though there are a number of books that can explain the proper grip, motion, etc., one of the best I’ve read is “Coaching Pitchers” by Joe “Spanky” McFarland. It’s pretty easy to follow and understand. Another would be any of those done by Tom House. His latest book “The Art & Science of Pitching” is chuck full of useful info, but is somewhat difficult to understand since he deals heavily in the scientific breakdown of throwing.

“The Art and Science of Pitching” is a video that, by the advertisement, looks to be geared to young pitchers. I think Mills has a new book pegged for spring by the exact same title, too. McFarland’s book is great! It comes with my highest recommendation!

Sometimes, just like yesterday as a matter of fact, I was able to get back on track of throwing a decent curve. Perhaps it was just a matter of feel and practicing it more for memory. Last time out i pitched i wasnt putting any pressure on flicking the ball down and the curve wouldnt come out. Just yesterday i was throwing a good knuckle-curve with the grip on the website. A friend said it moved pretty well. Any how thanx to all…