Curveball help

Ok, its been a while since ive pitched because of this whole thing but im working to pitch in my Highschool next year so heres my problem.I started throwing curveball when I was 13. Of course its to young so I mested my arm up and it hurt like hell. Wasnt until the begging of this season(January) that I felt comfeterble pitching in games again. I hadent done any good Bullpens or anything though so I decided I would wait and pitch next year. My arm is feeling great now better then ever. However… when i throw the my curveball it looks sick like I can really see the cut but after I throw a few I begin to get the pain in my arm again(back side of the elbow that continues a little higher thowards the sholder). The pain does not stay like before but its still a nocence. Now im thinking maybe there is also wrong with how im throwing it. Im holding the seems to the side like it should but im worried about release. I start spinning it right when my arm is passing my head. Should i be when i start to bring my arm forward or when im realeasing it? Or is there mabye a other problem.
Should I mabye just dump the curve and work on my knucle Curve or a differnent pitch instead?
All help is appriated.

The hand angle should be set before the arm starts forward. Twisting the hand while the arm is going forward is harder on the elbow.