Curveball drop

Hey guys i throw from about the same arm angle as pedro martinez and i was wondering why my curveball has side to side movement and pedro’s has downward movement how can i make mine move like his?

When you are throwing your curve your fingers are around the side of the ball. You have to get your fingers on top of the ball by bending your wrist in toward your body as you throw it. I threw over the top so the 12 to 6 was easy for me, but I learned to change the wrist angles to get more of a sweeping curve when I needed it. You’ll want to get the classic throwing around a barrel feeling.

Pedro uses a knuckle curve grip. In addition, he has extremely long fingers that help him get “in front” of the ball to give it the proper forward spin.

In general, the direction a curveball breaks is determined by arm slot. A 12-6 curve requires an over-the-top arm slot. A lower arm slot will result in some horizontal break.