Curveball Consistancey

I throw a 12-6 curveball from an overhand arm slot and when I throw it for a strike it is almost an unhittable pitch but lately Ive been throwing it up and in to righty’s and hitting them. What can I do to stop this and get my control and consistancy back on my curveball.

Throw it more. They key to being great at anything is practice , repetetive practice. (im not saying throw so many you blow your arm out tho)

How are your mechs? You sound “late”.

I dont know what you mean by late but I would say I have above average mechanics and I’m constantly working on them

What I mean is that at foot strike, if your hips don’t get open and towards home in coincidence with your arm motion, the angle of your pitch will consistently stay inside to a righty. Do you control your fastball? Do you by any chance have a video? You can get some really good analysis on this site…better than me for sure. :oops:

From what little info I have to go on, my first suspicion would be that you’re opening up the shoulders too soon. That ususally causes the arm to drag through with a lot of pitches floating up and in (to a righty). It also makes it much harder to get over the top of the ball to put the spin on it that makes it break well.

alright thanks I’ll try to get a video on here soon

Roger from what he has said i think you are exactly right. If you are right-handed and your breaking pitch stays up and in to a righty i think you are “flying open” and your pitches are going to hang. I dont know how to explain it exactly but im sure someone on here will be able too. I think you may want to stay closed.