Curveball break vs speed


The break of my son’s curve ball is really good, if he threw this pitch harder will it break different. TIA


As a guy who messes with this stuff the break depends on a few factors


If you throw a curveball fast or slow it will most likely break the same DIRECTION if your angle and slot are the same.
It will most likely drop more if you were to throw it at the same target but at different speeds.

(Not that your son has a slot issue but sometimes people on my teams change their slot without knowing it when they throw two different speeds on their curves.

Ok sorry for rambling but here’s the gist.
The faster you throw it, the sharper the break, but most likely the same direction.


If he throws it harder the pitch will have less movement. You’ll see Darvish slow curveball start high and break alot but since its coming in at like high 60s batters are still able to barrel it up. His faster curveball low to mid 80s although dosent move as much vertically its way more effective cause of the speed


His is curveball is between 64-67 and his fastballs 2 seam/4 seam live between 79-83, he also mixes in a change-up that is 70-73. He is very effective because it is at the 14U level. My thinking is all his pitches will go up 8-10 MPH in the next 4 years of HS. Assuming he keeps progressing on the same path.

Thanks Derek19