Curveball ain't curving

So I was throwing in the bullpen with my dad today and I was trying to throw a curveball but I wasn’t really curving it was more like a slider than a curve. I can throw a slider but I want to throw a a breaking ball thats a little less sharp and slower but I don’t know how to achieve that. Any ideas or help?

Post some video or tell us how you throw the curve. Chances are you have a mechanical issue that’s pulling back and raising your release point.

Okay thank you for the advice

Only reason I ask is that a curve takes time to develop.

I like the spike curve where you raise your index finger slightly off the ball and the middle finger is applying pressure against a seam. I personally like to grip the ball along a seam about where the seams are turning back around at the horsehoe - just in front of the narrow seams.

You learn a curve the same way you get to Carnegie Hall - practice, practice, practice.

Three good drills for the curve:

  1. bucket drill - place an empty 5 gallon bucket about 40-50 feet away and try to get the ball in the bucket throwing your curve. You don’t use a full windup but do emphasize a good follow thru.

  2. stand on the back of the mound so that you’re throwing up hill; full windup isn’t necessary but you have to follow thru to get the ball to both curve and to keep it down

  3. practice throwing the curve from a longer distance - from first to home; again full wind up not necessary but this will help you get the idea of the spin and trajectory of the curve. Proper follow thru is necessary of course and emphasize reaching your partner on the fly.

Do these 3 drills often and it will get better.

Good luck