Curveball after changeup and vice versa


Is it generally bad to throw one right after the other?


A retired Major League pitcher told my son once not to throw two changes in a row, don’t throw a change after a curve but fine to throw a curve after a change.


Pitcher17 thank you


So no double changeup, no changeups after curves, but curves are okay after changeups


What retired MLB pitcher was it if you remember?


Sorry, I don’t want to use names on a public site. He pitched in the Majors for a number of years. He’s local & works with my son.


No worries, that’s fine, I was just curious. :]


What’s wrong with throwing two change ups in a row?


I believe he said slowing the ball down twice in a row made it easier for the batter to time up. The change up speed is similar to curve is why he said no change up after curve. The curve is a breaking pitch so a different look, his reasoning for ok to throw curve after change. He also didn’t think it was necessary to throw change ups to high school hitters, said it sped up their bats. Advice he offered was in the context of getting high school hitters out. Not saying I agree or disagree.


throwing 2 change-ups in a row can be bad for a hitter expecting 2 change ups but a change up and a curveball can be used together; i use it all the time


your curveball should look like this


or this



As a general rule, I rarely threw a CH following a CB, or a CB following a CH. However, I did regularly throw back-to-back CHs and back-to-back CBs – i.e., “doubling up” on those pitches. Lots of pitchers do this.

If I threw a CH, I always liked to go back to the FB (if I wasn’t throwing another CH) to lengthen out the arm again – I felt it made my off-speed more effective. For some reason, and perhaps it was all mental, but I never threw a good CB immediately after a CH without first going back to the FB.


During games I throw back to back screwballs which is strange for a RHP, or I’ll throw back to back circle CH


if both end up as strikes i’d come back with a high FB, or an up and away FB


Read up on Perry Husband’s “Effective Velocity” to understand the effect of location on batter reaction time. It should be fine to throw curves after CU’s or vice versa if you select effective locations.


Thank you everybody @Steven_Ellis @Tucker45 @Roger and @Pitcher17


I think I’ll just go with no changeups after curves, no curves after changeups, and will allow myself to double up on all my pitches


you should rely on doubling up on your pitches batters will then begin to figure you out and you’ll get crushed