I’ve thrown all different types of curves before. with a bunch of different grips… On sunday when I was throwing with this guy from my town who’s makin his way to the majors… he showed me a curve grip and told me that I have to get ahead of the ball… how do I actually do that… because when I threw it it just kinda hung and he told me that I have to get ahead of the ball… again… but I wasnt sure what to do so I just went back to 2 seamers 4 seamers and changes

fingers on the front side of the ball let it “roll over” your hand. That might be what he’s saying

How are your mechanics on your curve compared to a fastball? You might not be rotating your shoulders enough to get the throwing arm on front of the body. You might be releasing your curve before near-full extension of the elbow. Make sure your “tempo” is the same for each pitch.

i think what he means is get your middle finger in front of the ball at release. you should feel like you’re casting a fishing pole with the palm of the hand completely outside the ball. then pull straight down as hard as you can to make the ball spin. you must get extreme topspin or slightly to the side to get the ball to break. it ain’t easy. if it were everybody would have a great breaking ball.