im 14 going into my freshman year. And i want to play varsity by sophomore year. I throw a four seam fastball, a two seam fastball, and a circle change. I dont throw very fast, so should i work on throwing a curve in the offseason for freshman year, wait till sophomore year? And what do you think is better for a slow throwing accurate righty and hard curve or 12-6.

im a sophmore and my freshman year i only threw about 65 and i didnt thro a curve just fasballs and changeups and i went 4-1 and even the best pitcher on the team who threw about 75 didnt throw one

Most pitchers, even at the varsity level, can get by without a curveball in high school – IF you’ve got a good change up. I’d keep working your fastballs and change up. I’d scrap the curve for now, unless you feel you really need it. But I didn’t throw one in high school ball, and I was a starting pitcher on my varsity team as a freshman (6-0). The more you can work on and develop the fastball in your youth, the longer career you’ll have. Period.