Curve Less Effective With Better Velocity? HELP!

Hey guys , last year in 2010 i had a curveball that nobody could touch and i could throw it for strikes all the time just like my fastball , now over the winter i have switched teams and the new team i play for i did alot of winter training ive never done before at CentreFeild Sports in London ONT and alot of bullpen seessions too . Ive gain almost 5-10 MPH over winter … my fastball tops at 79(this is in winter) and my curve/slide/change have all went up 5-7mph …

Well my problem is over winter my coah had switched my from 3/4 arm to a little more “up” but not straight over… andn ow that i throw harder i cant seem to get my curveball to sweep like it use to and now is a pathetic curve. ive throw several bullpens this spring and sumemr and i tryed different grips and just cant seem to get it to drop what it did last year… any help ?

Things ive tryed - Ive tryed deepening the grip , less of a grip so my finger tips are more behind the ball , ive tryed “tumbling” the wrist , and doing my usual snap of the wrist which gave me the “sick” curve as my catcher says… but ive tryed so much and just cant get it :frowning:

Don’t think about trying to create the break, just focus on the spin of the ball, you can’t create the break, but you can create the spin of the ball. So get good hard forward rotation, and let the ball do its own thing. Good luck!

My pitching coach of long ago had a basic premise: every pitcher has a natural motion, and what he would do was work with that pitcher to help him or her make the most of it. He would NOT change that natural delivery. I suspect that your loss of effectiveness of that curve ball is connected with the fact that your coach tried to change your arm slot and get you to throw more “over the top”. Big mistake. You should go back to that 3/4 arm angle ASAP and resist any attempts to change your arm slot. You were doing much better with the curve ball from your original angle. Let’s face it, a lot of coaches just don’t know what they’re doing. 8) [/quote]

Here’s something that helped me when I temporarily lost my curve. Try tucking your thumb a little bit and almost digging it in like a knuckleball and when you throw the curve, show your thumb to the catcher, it will force you to make that snap and get the forward spin on the ball.

It worked for me I hope it works for you. Oh and remember to make sure you finish all the way through, if you don’t get all the way through it the ball will stay up and we all know what happens to high curveballs.

When I started to really perfect my curve ball, I changed the grip a ton… I didn’t put it so far down into my hands, I really put a lot more pressure on my middle finger, and I just try to bring my arm down as much as possible. Tim Lincecum, when he was younger, would put a dollar bill on the ground and when he would pitch, he had to follow through and try to pick that dollar bill up. Imagine youre doing the same thing. Really practice on getting that curveball out on your fingers a little more(leave a small space between the ball and your hand… Probably enough to put 1 finger in), try putting more pressure on either of your fingers. Most importantly, be sure to snap that wrist downward and follow through.

Raising your release point also pulls it back and makes it harder to get over the top and put spin on the ball. This][u]article[/u
confirms it. Not saying it’s not possible to throw a good curve from higher up - just more difficult.

Alrighty thanks guys i will deffinetly try all of this ! @Zita I totally agree with you on the arm angle be all natural , ive been natural 3/4 arm all my life of my of pitching and since hes moved my arm slot up my BB/9 has went up alot. But also the way my coach is if its not his way… your on the bench… and every time a ball isnt where he wanted it… im in crap and only thing he can blame it on is the 3/4 arm action… there nothing wrong with my delivery ive just done what he has told me because i dont want to be a bench player . Im going to try some tihng if i get to throw a bullpen tonight at my double header, or i might even be pitching tonight so i will deffiently see how it goes and will play with the curve more just gotta focus on strike 1 ! , But yes my coach its hard to do what u want to because its his way or the bench like i said , but ill let you know how it goes ! thanks for the help , if any one has any more suggestion feel free to help out! :slight_smile:

Justin, the only thing I can suggest is that if your—uh—coach keeps insisting that it’s his way or the bench, tell him flat out that you will NOT change your arm angle just because he says so, and leave the team. He apparently is so fixated on speed that he refuses to recognize that there are several ways to deliver a pitch, and a coach like that you can do without very well.
My wise and wonderful pitching coach of way back when once said that he was thinking of writing a book on “How Not To Coach”. He had seen, and had had to deal with, so many egregious examples of what I call “a child’s garden of misinformation” that he had planty of material to draw from. You would have loved him. His name was Ed Lopat, he was a key member of the Yankees’ Big Three rotation, and he was one of the finest pitching coaches anyone could ever hope to work with; I was fortunate indeed to work with him. And his basic premise was that every pitcher has a natural motion. That means you. Stick with it. 8) :slight_smile: :baseballpitcher:

Yeah he is totaly fixated on his opionion and as much as id like to tell him no im keeping my arm slot will very well screw me for the season , and leaving the team would also get me know where because my team , the Sarnia Braves is the only team that goes anywhere in lambton country , there are 4 other teams but are local and only particiapate in the league and dont go outside of it , like Sarnia; travels to the USA where msot of scout are and hopfully we catch the ey of an scout . I do belivee tho i will be pitching sometime tonight tho , ill let you know how i did and if any of the tips worked and how i did . Thanks again zata been a great help !

Well didnt end up pitching , but had off night all together atthe plate… the pitcher threw like 60 and its so slow too what my teams use to it threw me off so much , espeically the curveball … like it would be over my head and drop on the plate for a strike … like its too slow and its like a lob ball theres nothing you can do with it… blaaah there goes my 300. avg

When you run into a pitcher like that you need to make adjustments.

Don’t go up there thinking about killing the ball. Just step up in the box and think about hitting the ball the other way. Whether you actually go oppo. or not doesn’t matter, that mentality will keep you on the ball though rather than getting out in front.

Hey guys got some good news , well i pitched twice this weekend , Friday night and Monday night ,

Fridays line -3bb ,2 hbp ,2k’s,2H,0er,2r in 5innings , Pretty bad night for control , but i got a no decision since my reliver got rocked , but i thought it was bad , i hit the 2 batters and got 2 walks in that ONE inning… -_-

Mondays line - 7 Innings , 2 BB,10k"s,2H,1er(on lead off walk f***) and i got the win , and pitched 102 pitches , rreally solid night i say! struck out the side twice!