Curve ball speed

how does roy oswalt have such a slow curve ball without changeing his arm speed

because i try to thor wa curve ball much slower than my fastball

but the only way i can think of that is to slow my arm down

any suggestions?

He throws a knuckle curve. So does Phil Hughes of the Yankees. Both of their curves are similar, slow and a big break.

is that the same on barry zito throws?

No, Zito uses the “classic” overhand curve grip.

Here is Oswalt’s grip.

What grip do you use? Try holding the ball more offcenter by moving your thumb under the ball more.

dude do you have anymore picture’s of oswalts way of gripping it?

the knucklecurve is when u place ur pointer finger as if ur throwing a knuckleball and ur index finger as a curveball(your pointer finger is useless on ur curveball). i would play around with all types of grips u can throw a curveball with almost any type of grip.

for the record zito throws like 80 mph to begin with its not that hard for him to slow it down

Cuff the ball with a C with both fingers and the thumb. Now put all pressure on the thumb and middle finger and choke the ball don’t let the thumb go off the ball. And then throw it. I have a curve like Roy And Barry and It works great.

Try it.