Curve ball mechanics


I was watching a video from Dan Blewett on throwing a curve ball. Some really good information at about 6:30 forward. Check out Dan’s curveball tips:

More good points at the 10 min mark.


I’m continually impressed with Dan Blewett. He is articulate and teaches the game in a simple, practical way. I personally hate all the big shot internet coaches who love using terminology out of biomechanical textbooks and treating pitching like physics. You can tell Dan has done it, and he is a great teacher of the finer things that actually matter.

I love his thought of having a focal point for each “version” of the curve ball. I will use that going forward when teaching my players. Others guys would start talking about vectors and scapular tension and all types of other jargon to baffle rich dads into paying more for their kid to get confused.

I could rant all day. I like Dan Blewett, and I like this video a lot.


Cool stuff


Link still work???


Wow. He must have taken it down or moved it. I’ll see if I can find it.


link restored…for now