Curve at 13

Im 13 and i was wondering if you guys think its ok to start throwing a curve yet

2seam fastball- 80-85

heres my advice. if you are 13 and throwing 80-85 with a 2 seamer then you dont need to start throwing a curve yet. you might want to throw a 4 seamer also and stop throwing the knuckleball. your throwing to hard to mess around with a knuckleball. just keep a 4 seam 2 seam and a changeup.

you are 13 and ur throwin 80-85. im 13 and i can maybe touch 65-70

If you are 13 throwing 85 I’d like to be your agent.

Can I like invest in your career? Im 13 almost 14 and can hit 75-high 70’s…

[quote=“ofbaseball31”]Im 13 and i was wondering if you guys think its ok to start throwing a curve yet

2seam fastball- 80-85

Its a tough call a pitching coach could relaly help you out in this situation. But…I don’t have all the details but Steven Ellis the guy who made this website talks about making it through a great high school team with just a fastball and a change-up. He threw good location and mastered a change. He made it to the pros.

But you also have to think you throw that hard you have talent and could easily be college bound. How many Major Leaguers do you know that throw a knuckleball along with an overpowering fastball? Not many.

You could also consider the cutter, which could operate as a begginers slider becuase if your a power pitcher the slider is a great pitch. If you could work on the chagne-up location of fastballs, then work that cutter in. Eventually you could change that cutter to a slider. Then you have an overpowering Fastball, with a slider, and a change-up. That sounds a little better doesn’t it?

I belive that is exately what Santana for the Mets throws. Fastball slider change-up. Also Tim Lincecum, could be a curve but a quick breakig pitch and I think he has a change-up too.

I still think if your body keeps growing like that you’ll throw over 100 and barely need another pitch until the minors where the coaches can help you thru that, but a slider or cutter would be very good. The slider puts you in the situation that guys like Kyle Farnsworth are (a very good one if you can seriously cut down on the HRs lol) and a cutter could work great too because it looks like a fastball until the late darting movement, similar to what a slider does but not as large a break and a later, sharper break.


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