Curt Schilling about the Fb

I have heard curt schilling say that you should push hard down with your fingers through the ball to get it to rotate more. I have never tryed this I might be doing it with out knowing all I know is I throw the ball and release I do not try to come down through the ball hard with my fingers.

Should I come down through the ball hard with my fingers on purpose and what is the advantages of doing this?

You answered your question

More rotation= tighter spin= less velocity lost from release point to the plate + harder to read what the pitch is + increased break on curveballs

So I should try to get as tight as spin as I can I have never tryed it I’ve heard Curt talk about it I will try next time I throw to put a tight spin on the ball and see what happends.

Will trying to pull down through the ball hard make MPH go up or stay the same?

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RISTAR, if the other parts of your delivery are effective, you should actually increase velocity because the momentum imparted on the ball is both downward and forward to the plate. Plus, as Wales has said, increasing the spin on the ball reduces air resistance, which allows the ball to retain its forward momentum much easier. If you have ever faced a guy who is 75 on the gun but his fastball seems to pick up speed halfway to the plate and you can’t catch up to it, you are seeing the result of this effect. When I was playing they said a ball like that had a lotta hop to it. They also call this an “exploding fastball”. My kid throws one like that and it’s enjoyable watching good hitters swing and miss.


I get that alot where the hitter looks like he is going to catch up but at last second it goes by him hard. But I will work on going through the ball downward and see what happends.