Currey Thomas

Can anyone help with my mechanics? What am I doin wrong? What could I work on?

What stands out to me the most is that your weight is going towards home plate before you have even reached your balance point. Some views are different from what I was taught and have learned, but typically you don’t want your weight moving towards home plate until your leg is coming down from balance.

What about landing onthe front foot? Ive heard both to land on the toe and I’ve also heard to land on the heal and explode onto the toe. Which is right?

try to get video of you throwing off a mound if possible

“Explode onto the toe” sounds like nothing. Maybe that was a trick someone needed for balance or timing.

I don’t see what chinmusic mentioned. But to avoid that, just slow down a tad after your leg is up… give yourself 1/2 a second more time there so you’re positive that you’re starting balanced into your stride.