how fast do some of you throw…not that speed matters

i probably throw about mid 70’s at the moment (i’m 21)…but i rehabbed my shoulder all winter and I’ve just recently started throwing relatively hard and long tossing so I’ll probably be back to lower 80’s relatively soon

I’m 15 (5’7" 130 lbs) I throw about 70.

Sophmore, 16 I’m 6’4 155, and I throw anywhere from 82-86.


im consistently 87-88

im 13 throwing low 70’s

I’d guess I can touch 70’s here and there… I need some mechanics help, but Im hopefully going to a pitching coach who can help me out…

I throw BP at 70 low 65.

Son is 13 and throws 75.

I’m 17 and started playing baseball last year. I can top 70, but I normally stay on the mid-low 60’s.