Curious sidearmer

Hey I am a 15 year old sidearm pitcher that currently throws 68-70 consistently. I was wondering how fast would I have to throw to be able to pitch in college. Besides my fastball I have a. Nasty sinking two seam and a sharp knuckle curve. Do I have a shot in college?

Sounds like I was pretty similar to you when I was in HS (2016). I was a RHP throwing primarily sinker/slider topping out around 75. I did not get to pitch in college, but I had a friend (all state catcher) go to the local juco (above average program in terms of success) and he told me if I tightened up my slider and/or threw a couple ticks harder I would easily come out of their bullpen (team that year went on to win their conference). At only 15 you have several years of growing and getting stronger ahead of you before college. Personally I think it sounds like you are on a pretty good track to pitch in college, and to ensure this, I recommend building connections your pitching coach to help refine/improve mechanics/repertoire/etc and a good strength coach for strength and health benefits. Good luck!!!