I was wondering about my chances of making college team or even minor leagues. Im 5’5" and 130lbs. When im done growing in 4 years, my doc says ill be about 5’10 or 11" and 195lbs. I see a lot of pitchers this size, but there all foreign. College, minors, or majors. I just wanna play baseball.

Have you ever heard of Tim Lincecum? He is smaller than you and he won the CY young award. Anything is possible as long as your heart is in it. Don’t give up just because your “too” small.

Tim Lincecum is 5’11 170 but we understand what youre trying to say.

How old are you?

There have been many pitchers who were considered “too small”, who were told that they’d never make the majors because they were “too small”, etc. Garbage, pure and simple. Many of them made the majors and were fine pitchers. Let me list a few of them for you: 1) Bobby Shantz, 5’6" if he was an inch, 139 lbs., who played for several teams including the Yankees and was one of the toughest pitchers in either league. 2) Ed Lopat, 5’10", 180-185 pounds, one of the greatest finesse pitchers in the history of the game and the one pitcher the Cleveland Indians feared more than any other because of what he used to do to them. 3) In a similar mold, Whitey Ford, 5’10" and 180 pounds, one of the greatest lefthanders of all time. 4) Harry Brecheen, 5’10", 165 lbs. You get the idea. So when you reach your full height you’ll be 5’11"—not exactly a shrimp. Don’t worry about it; just focus on making the most of what you have and can do. Good luck. :slight_smile:

[quote=“TheOleOneBall”]Tim Lincecum is 5’11 170 but we understand what youre trying to say.[/quote] plus hes throwin 97

This question is not easily answered. Depending on the level of college ball you want to play at, the answers can vary. Your projected size is perfectly fine for D3 ball. D1, well…you might be at a disadvantage, but if you have the “stuff”, scouts will take notice. :o