"cupping" or "hooking" the ball

sort of like zito or pettite…just want to hear peoples opinion`s on this good or bad? or is it just a natural thing that dosent really matter?

I use to do it on purpose as a way to feel the ball then get on top of it…then i worked really hard through drills to stop doing it because i was told this slowed my arm down. I did alot of drills with no ball focusing on arm action, now my arm is very robotic and slow ( almost like instead of one seamless motion its 2 or 3 with pauses between them), then with a more of a “push” instead of a “snap” at release…is “hooking” again the answer???

I’ve never viewed hooking as the answer to any particular issue. My opinion about hooking is that doing it early in the deliver - like on the backstroke - doesn’t matter. Some may argue against it because it tenses you up and they would have a legitimate argument.

Hooking at release point, however, is a bad idea. I’ve come across a number of youngsters who think they need to hook at release when throwing curves.

thanks, i wont bring back the hook but ill try to get a video up because my armaction is pretty odd i think