Is anyone else as stupid as me and doesnt use a cup? I just do not find it comfortable for whatever reason

I had a small number of pitchers who thought the same way you did. How they made it that far, with that mind-set, was beyond me.

In an event, we have a name for guys like you - we call you folks the “Geldings”. Look it up - it fits.

Coach B.

Dude, wear a cup!! OMG. You just have to get used to it in practice, but I can’t even imaging not wearing one. Yikes!

Jr. - I know alot of guys are video learners…check this out if you haven’t seen it from Sport Science…you’ll wear one !!

For me I couldn’t play without wearing a cup. It’s the same thing as driving without a seat belt. Don’t feel comfortable driving without one.

This was reinforced after taking one or two in the cup playing first base.

I don’t wear a cup. Can’t stand it. It is really uncomfortable, and it justs makes me make sure to stay down on grounders and make sure i field it with my glove. Don’t want on bouncing off of you know what. :shock: :smiley:

No… I don’t wear a cup. And I always get shi* for it, understandably though. It’s just too uncomfortable to pitch wearing one, and I have never felt like I was in danger of getting hit “there” while pitching.

Well all the teams that I have been on always kid around with cup checks before practice or games, it really doesn’t take long to make sure you wear your cup.

I didn’t used to wear one when I pitched (only at 1st) but then one of our other pitchers got hit square in the pipi and I made sure to have one on when I pitched the 2nd game of that doubleheader and the rest of the season.

im 13 in little league i never wore a cup. but its time for pony. and even though i hate them. there gonna hit some bullets. so if your in little league. who cares. they don hit that hard

I never used to wear a cup until my second game pitching in college. I grooved a fastball down the middle and the hitter hit ball between my legs on a line. Scared the crap out of me and i now wear a cup. Looks pretty funny on video, I wonder if I still have it somewhere.

Here is just how close it can be.

Came up the middle fast…