Cubs vs. Indians In the World Series


Thoughts on who you think will win the 2016 World Series? Who do you want to win? I want the Cubs to win and I think they will.


I want and think the Cubs will win.
They had the best record in the MLB, and (from what I’ve seen although I haven’t been watching all their games - correct me if I’m wrong) haven’t been cracking under pressure.

I want them to win because they have a great team of young kids, and haven’t won in so long. Oh yeah, and because I’m a butthurt Red Sox fan.



From Chicago with love.


@jdfromfla This is our year. Go Cubbies!


I want the Cubs since the Indians knocked out the Red Sox and I’m mad. I think the Cubs will win because they have many amazing starters, an All Star infield (literally, in the all star game the cubs were at 1st 2nd short and 3rd). They also have Chapman and closer and some guy at set up who can hit 100 mph. There hitting is good to