anybody on here from ct? jw

I am, i live in fairfield

no way thats where my cousin lives… he goes to ludlowe… i guess his best friend got offered like a full ride freshman year to USC… john like polloin or suttin

mike paloain … he’s really good, i went to the ludlowe baseball camp and i chose outfield as my fielding position and i was only OF and he taught me a lot… he has a cannon from the OF like 88 or something. i go to warde though… thats where maxx catapano went and he has full ride to uconn he tops out at 94… whos your cousin? And i don’t think the full ride thing freshman year is true though but i know he went to their baseball camp and University of Virginia’s camp before his junior year which is still crazy

sam newman… do you know him and my sisters boyfriends cousin goes to ur school

i think i might… is he in 10th grade? blonde hair and short?

nope my cousin is a senior… like 6’1 6’2 lol

oh haha then nope :stuck_out_tongue: where in ct are u?

im in rocky hill … like 40 min away from you