Crow Hop to Pitching

I was just wondering how much difference it makes when throwing off a crow hop and then off a mound. I threw 83 on a crow hop and would like to know about how fast i would throw off a mound. Thanks

Varies from person to person. Depends on how efficient you are throwing with a crow hop and how efficient you are throwing off a mound.

Generally, people will throw a bit harder off a crow hop than off a mound but there are certainly people who throw harder off a mound than they do when crow hopping.

If you throw significantly slower off a mound then you aren’t getting the most out of your motion off the mound.

My guess, and that is all it is, is that most people throw 1 or 2 mph slower off a mound.

Yes one to two more miles per hour. I think another factor from the mound to the open field is that your body is in a forward, running motion when you try a crow hop normally while pitching from a mound leaves your body stationary. Though, it is still possible to throw as fast on a mound as you would a crow hop if you have the correct mechanics and are able to work the mechanics of crow hopping into pitching without the extra motions.