Crow hop throw

Thought this throw looked good. Showed good forward release, but need to work on pronation. Tell me what you think!

Has your velocity improved - as you’ve gotten older?

Edit: Nice throw!

Thanks for the comment! and yes my velo has gone up. I havent really confirmed this by radar yet, but my catcher says it looks close to some of the 90 mph guys he’s caught, so I’d guess high 80’s.

Since your a knowlegable guy what are your thoughts on pronation? I see that I pronate after release, but I don’t really hold it and my arm completely straightens out.

I know very little about pronation. I know what I have read about pronating certain pitches (for movement or feel or injury prevention), but almost nothing about intended pronation after a fastball.


Does your arm hurt? Any part of it?

My elbow gets sore sometimes, but only when I try to fully straighten it, other than that my left lat gets sore but I think that isn’t really a problem.

I wish that I were qualified to help you with the pronation.

The throw looks great though - maybe someone else can give you a bit of advice about the soreness.

Yeah the throw is pretty close to what I’m looking for, maybe a little more separation. The only thing I’m having a problem with may be translating a forward release point like this to a mound, utilizing a bit more momentum. I might be able to post some video from a bullpen or inter squad hopefully some time soon.