Crossover symmetry

what do you guys think of the crossover symmetry advanced rotator cuff and scapular strengthening system, a substitute for other shoulder exercises, more velocity, etc.?

Ok I have looked into this product in deapth and find that something like Tuff Cuff and regualar tubing can do the same thing.

To much money for what you get. Might work for strength but idk bought MPH unless you are not trained right. I gained some MPH from regular tubing last year so idk if the Crossover would be that much better.

Does look like a great product but buy to sets of tubing lol or just do plyometrics with regular tubing.

Looks like a nice product to me.

But in reality it seems like an overhyped theraband kit. Theraband is pretty cheap mind you. A 5 foot theraband will cost you all of $5.

I mean they want 40 bucks for a pair of tubing chords. The Theraband, PVC pipe handle, and a carabiner clip for a pair would probably run around 15-20 dollars max, plus a little bit of your own effort.

It includes some programming and stuff, but you could find that else where, tuff cuff and such are good resources for that sort of thing.

So basically, it doesn’t look “bad,” but it does look overpriced. Someone has to pay to market the product, and in the end it’s the consumer. I’m more of a save money, find every possible way around paying for the brand name fancy product unless it’s a case where the other route doesn’t provide the same thing.

It depends on what you view as necessary. I think you could add the same thing plus other tools for your training for the same amount of money as the Crossover Symmetry brand item.

I agree with you guys, i was just wondering if it was lik a must have thing. But ristar, what do you mean by plyometrics with the tubing?

You can do 90 degree internal and external rotation fast back and forth which works the fast twitch muscles fibers through a plyometric movement just like the crossover symmetry does.