Crossover Symmetry


I bought the crossover symmetry on the weekend.

What exercises should the kids do pre throwing and post throwing?

All help would be great


It should say on the fence attachment that came with the bands - usually it is used as a post-throwing modality but it can work just as well as a shoulder warm-up if you lower the volume/reps a little bit. From my experience using those bands and exercises in college, it leaves the shoulder pretty fatigued immediately afterwards.

I prefer J-bands pre-throwing because its less resistance - just enough to get good blood flow without much fatigue. Crossover is more resistance and potentially better for building strength, but more fatigue, which is why its better post-throwing or as part of a shoulder prehab protocol in a lifting program.

Keep in mind its nothing magical just a series of exercises that target the shoulder musculature at a variety of angles (low, mid traps, rhomboids, rotator cuff - infraspinatus, supraspinatus, teres minor, subscapularis - pec major, minor, serratus anterior, front mid and rear delts).

For those of you reading this post wondering what a good alternative to Crossover Symmetry is:

high, mid, low reverse flyes x10 each (low, mid traps, rhomboids, post delts)
high, mid, low forward flies x10 each (pec major, minor, front delts)
side lying DB external rotation OR band/cable external rotation x10 (rotator cuff)
scap pushups x10 OR serratus wall slides x10 (serratus anterior)
dumbbell OR band frontal and lateral raises x10 (anterior and mid delts)

my .02