Crossover Symmetry

Any thoughts on the Crossover Symmetry? Would you recommend this to a 14U team?

To which of the many identical threads do you wish we respond? Posting the same thread in every category will only lead to confusion and scattered information.

I’ve seen this term all over these boards—the only thing he missed is the chapter on vegetable soup! Seriously, just what is this “crossover symmetry” and what does it do? Now I’m really curious. :slight_smile:

Reduced to its simplest, CS is a tubing program for the scapula and rotator cuff that works both sides of the body at once and is supposed to develop type IIa and IIb muscle fibers.


What do you use for tubing?

A three band set from Perfect Fitness. It has two D handles and a door anchor. There are also bands sold separately to create a complete set. I use a cuff and scap program created by Jeff Cavalier.