Crossover Symmetry

Hey guys,

I’m thinking about buying the Crossover Symmetry Indoor/Outdoor package with the blue (25lbs) and yellow(10lbs) resistances to perform the advanced plyometric workout. I’ve been reading a lot about how it is a waste of money and all that buti feel if MLB teams are using it and giving positive feedback then it is worth the money…If anyone could tell me anything about crossover symmetry it would be greatly appreciated!!

Yo! So this Crossover Symmerty thing is eating you alive, isn’t it!? :slight_smile: Just get it and then you post what you think about it. We’ve already provided our suggestions: 1) it may be too expensive, for some, maybe not for others 2) theraband tubing provides same benefit for less cost. So pull the trigger and let us know! lol

Hahaha well it is a lot of money and I want to see what people think about it before I spend the money!

My HS team had 4 of these. I loved them. I mean you could just buy 2 therabands and if you somehow got a copy of the crossover CD, you could just use the workouts.