Crossover Symmetry thoughts

Hey guys,

happy fathers day!! I was wondering if anyone here uses the crossover symmetry bands and the exercises that comes with them…I was thinking about buying the indoor/outdoor package for $190 and it comes with everything I need. My buddy told me about them and said about a year ago he was throwing 82 83 and a week ago he was 88 89 and hit 92 on the stadium gun…he said he doesn’t work out his upper body at all besides the band work…what do you guys think?

They’re nothing more than over-packaged tubing. The exercises that come with the package are the basic arm care stuff that you can find in the Injury forum below.

Trust me, my coach blew about a thousand dollar’s buying a few of these sets. Stick with therabands.

Well my buddy claims it increased his velocity about 8mph

How old is your buddy? Velocity increases occur mostly due to growth and development. Other than that, improvements in mechanics and an increase in functional strength are the only ways to reliably improve velocity.

Its a great program, used them in college ball (d1) and so did many other teams. Since Ive been in pro ball i still see the crossover sets and a few guys on my team use them. If you don’t already have a arm care foundation or are clueless on a program i suggest the crossovers if you have the money. If not, use therabands. or some type of tubing.

The same increase probably would have occurred using Jaeger’s J-bands or theraband or any elastic tubing that you can pick up at Wal-mart (which I’ve done and the stuff is great!). It’s not the name on the product that produces results, it’s the exercises and work ethic that goes into using it that increases velocity!

The exercises in Crossover Sym are totally great. All we’re saying is that you can do those exercises with any other elastic tubing product for less $ and get the same result, in my opinion.