Crossfire pitching help

Hey guys,I’ve been looking on the forums for a while,and I see people talking about crossfire pitching.I’m I sidearmer who’s looking for more speed and break on his pitches,so I’m willing to try pitching crossfire.I just need some help with the mechanics though,are there any videos out there that show what to do?if I read right,then you step towards thridbase,if you’re a righthander,and just whip your body around and throw?anyways,any help would greatly be appreciated,thanks.

The best to ask would be Zita Carno, she hasn’t been posting here much but look her up on the member list and you will find loads of posts that describe the crossfire technique.

This question really belongs in the “pitching advice” section, but I’ll be glad to answer it here, because there are a lot of sidearmers who are interested and want to know more about this move and how to do it. So here goes.
The crossfire move has been around for a long time. The first I heard of it was when Ewell Blackwell started using it in the '40s; he pitched for the Cincinnati Reds and later the New York Yankees, somewhere along the line I picked it up—I was a natural sidearmer. This move works only with the sidearm delivery, and yes, you have the right idea. Say you’re a righthander. You go into the full windup, or the stretch, or even the no-windup delivery such as Don Larsen used when he pitched his perfect game. But instead of going directly to the plate you take a step toward third base, whip around with your whole body and pitch to the plate from that angle—it looks to the batter as it’s coming at him from third base or from behind the pitcher’s back, and he gets all confused and discombooberated and mostly just stands there and goes “duh” as it gets in there for a nice delicious strike. A bit later on my wise and wonderful pitching coach helped me refine that move, and I ended up using it with everything I threw! This move will work with any pitch, even that obstreperous knuckleball, and so if you are willing to work it up and add it to your arsenal, go to it—this is a “secret weapon” only we sidearmers know. (Of course, for a southpaw you go via first base.) I piled up so many strikeouts with it I lost track of them. So—let’s hear it for the crossfire!