Crossfire and Sidearm

My son is 11 year old, 5’6”, and he is lefty and side arm.

  1. When he use the crossfire, shall he get his pitching arm in the high cooking position (90 degree), or get his throwing arm as high as his shoulder?
  2. He shall step toward the first base to use the cross fire. How far he shall step toward the fist base?


You’ve come to the right place.
In my playing days, way back when, I was a natural sidearmer who fell in love with the crossfire and used it extensively, and I can tell you how it’s done. You say the kid is a lefthander. So what he would do is go into his windup, or the stretch, whatever, but instead of pitching directly to the plate he would take a step toward first base, whip around with his whole body and fire the pitch in to the plate from that angle, so to the batter it would look as if the pitch were coming at him from first base. The arm should always be at the level of the shoulder, neither higher nor lower.
And the crossfire move will work with any pitch. :slight_smile:

Carno, Thank for your input. My question is how far he step toward the first base, direct to the first base, middle of first base and home, or couple inches from off the home?

He should take one full step toward first base, then whip around with the whole body and pitch to the plate. I was a righthander, so I would do this by taking a whole step toward third base and whip around like that. As I said, this move will work with any pitch. :slight_smile:

While you step toward the3rd base, does your body face the third base or the 2nd base?

When your foot lands, do you land toward the plate, or between plate and the 3rd base?

When you whip your body, do you keep your axis of body vertical, toward to the first base?

Do you have any video especially the slow motion video?

When I crossfired a pitch, I took a step toward third base and whipped around with my whole body, and my landing foot was between third and home so I threw the pitch at that angle—and I stayed upright the whole time. When your kid does it he would go by way of first base and pitch from that angle. I wish I had some video to show you, but I don’t, so you’ll just have to work it out from my description. 8)

it is a challenge work. if you can create a video, all side arm pitcher will be benefit from it. However, I will try.

do you know any good side arm pitching coach in Dallas area.

No, I don’t know anyone in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but if you check the “Find A Pitching Coach” section on this Website—click on TX on the map, and there are a few. You might also contact the front office of the Texas Rangers—they’re in Arlington, which is in your area—and they may be able to help. 8)