Cross-Training Sports in Offseason

had plenty of time to focus on baseball when i got to college when my education was being paid for to PLAY baseball.

if my high school were to have paid for my education to play baseball i might have focused on just baseball. Instead i tried my hand at multiple sports to show how versatile and athletic i was at the state scale.

at the same time not burning myself out on just baseball. plus i was a two way baseball player in high school so it wouldn’t have been prudent to focus on just pitching then anyway.

my main argument here is against people saying “you should only play one sport and focus on it in high school”

all the division I schools that recruited me including the one i signed with - all the coaches said that being a multi-sport athlete makes you a more desirable prospect.

at the professional level the only reason i wasn’t drafted last year was because i am 5’11.

Playing 3 sports in high school certainly hasn’t hindered me from achieving what my life goals were/are.

First off I want to say, MY NUMBER FOCUS IS BASEBALL, AND OFFSEASON TRAINING. Im following all information provided in TUFFCUFF and it has become a very useful tool in getting prepared to get out on the field this spring. My post was tring to get the point of cross-over training and what activities would be benifical when NOT training for baseball. I personally feel its a good way to have fun well being active. This beats sitting a home doing nothing, watching TV etc. Think of it this way, if for some reason you could not play baseball ever again, what would you do? You need to have some sort of life that is not 120% baseball