Cross Country Conditioning?

Hey there, I got one for ya. There is this Cross Country Conditioning going on at my school, and I was thinking about doing it maybe like twice a week. I know jogging only works slow twitch muscles, but should I do it anyway? Or should I just stick to weightlifting in the morning and ride home 6 miles? lol

Lift, do some sprints, then go home :smiley:

Haha my english teacher in high school was a big big baseball fan and was also the track and cross country coach. He talked me into doin cross country and workin out with him in the fall. Completely crazy stuff. I did it for a few days and couldnt believe it. If you decide to do it more power to you those long runs will definiately help with endurance and as long as you mix in some sprints and some lifting.

I am not an expert on this (I hate running) but this is what I have heard. Take it with a grain of salt.

You have fast-twitch muscle in your body as well as slow. CC only involves slow twitch muscle. Baseball only involves fast. I would assume that right now your body is composed of FT muscle, and X-country training is going to cause a gradual shift into ST. Muscle will adapt and react to the stimulus you give it.

I think that yeah, your endurance will go up, but you could also lose some velocity and leg strength.

Yeah I personally lost quite a bit of sprint speed from some rigorous distance running a couple of winters ago. Was putting in atleast 12-15 miles a week, with some but little sprint training. Maybe it was from growing or something but I had always been on of the faster guys but lost a lot of speed. I feel like it had been the distance running that hurt my sprinting because I improved my sprinting much quicker than average in my opinion.

Baseball is a power sport. Cross country will not help you improve your power. If anything, it will slow you down.

This year I decided to join the cross country. When ever I pitch I notice my legs getting tired by the 4th or 5th inning. I figured that running would be help me have more stamina. I plan on doing 15-20 miles per week.


Would your legs get tired after 15-20 50 yard sprints? This is much more like the tired feeling from pitching.

I’m certainly not trying to get you to not run cross country but I just want to make sure your thought process is correct.

Mike you definiately have a good point. Even thought distance is still good thing for pitchers especially with the blood flow after thowing alot i think sprints of some sort are neccesary for pitchers even all baseball players. What kind of springs do you think work the best. anywhere from 30 yards up too spring poles?

Mr Griffin–
I decided to change the way that I do my running. I tried to combine some sprinting and distance. I run down the road that I live on. Every 150-200 (give or take a few) feet there is a telephone pole. I sprint from the first to the second then walk to the third, then sprint to the next one. I do this for about a mile then I turn around and jog back home at a 7:30 or 8:00 ish mile time.
Is this a good way of incorporating sprinting and distance running into my workout?

Doing what you are talking about is much better than just going out for a long slow run. However, if you are starting your offseason now, running should be pretty low on your priority list. Now is the time to get stronger. With a month or two before season then you will want to increase your running and skill work (pitching). Its a concept called periodization and its designed to put you at your “peak” for the baseball season.