Crooked throwing arm?

Here is the question…does any other pitcher out there have the issue of a slightly bent throwing arm? I have noticed that i cant bend my arm all the way straight…it always has a slight curve to it and idk why…can anyone tell me if this is bad or what?

Yes… my arm is like this too, I can make my left arm completely straight but I can’t make my right arm straight. Don’t know if this is a problem

ok well mine has been like that for 2 years and idk if it is good or bad…i dont know how to straighten it out either…its like it wont let me…please can someone comment me and let me know something about this!!!

During the offseason I would straighten it everyday by holding a 25 lb. DB and push my elbow in and with time it got a little straighter but not much. If it really concerned you enough you could see a doctor about it.