hey i saw somebodys post talkin about a cro hop i just have a question: ive hit 98 multiple times on a cro hop and only 86 off the mound how can i get my mound speed closer to cro hop. i’m 16, about 6’1" 185[/b]

The reason outfielders crow hop is because it forces them to use their legs, it sounds like maybe you aren’t using your legs as much as you could.

If you throw 98 at 16 you are the hardest throwing kid of your age in the world.

first of all you never hit 98 on a crop hop. Unless you are the fastest 16 year old in the world. Second i highly doubt with your body weight and height that at the age of 16 you hit 86mph either.

ok whatever thanks for the help douchebags

baseballkid dude you have no idea what kind of kid he is…maybe hes like lincecum or something.

knight come on man :roll:

ya maybe. But i really doubt it.

  1. He is only 16. I highly doubt at the height of 6’1 he is hitting that. Not to say he is short. but he certainly isn’t a skyscraper.

  2. I guaratee you that nobody at the age of 16 can hit 98mph.

  3. If he really hits 98mph on a crop hop why the hell would he be asking us for advice.seriously

Ya dude i really really doubt that he hit 98mph

i know what your sayin but still never know

you can throw harder from a crow hop because you can create more momentum when going into your throw. velocity starts with the bigger muscles rotating first. The faster you can get your big muscles (leg, hips, torso) to rotate, the faster your shoulders and arm will rotate.

When throwing on the mound try to get that shuffle step/crow hop momentum into your delivery.

see how after he rotates his hips and shoulders closed during his knee lift, he gets going toward the plate at the peak of the knee lift. Keeps his hips/shoulders closed during stride and takes advantage of the momentum he created when he lands. He lands then everything comes forward and over his front leg.

A crow hop creates more linear momentum, not rotational. Optimum rotational forces in pitching takes place after landing, not before. And, Timmy is phenomenal but he does have his flaws and one of them is the fact that he over-rotates. It does nothing to increase velocity.

With a crow hop, you get to take a step or two so you are definitely building additional momentum you would never be able to duplicate on the mound.

And it is very possible for a 16 yr old who is 6’1 and 185 lbs to hit 86 mph. There have been plenty of kids who have done that, myself included (25 years ago!)… and I was only 5’10 and 170 (although I only hit 85). Shoot, we have a 13 year old who is 5’11 and 180 lbs who hits low 80’s.

The rotation is linear “linear rotation” so linear momentum translates into linear rotation.

I did state that the rotation happens after landing.