Critiquing Common Pitching Beliefs

Hey everyone, I need everyone’s help here. I’m a junior pitcher at the D1 level (in the Big Ten) and I want to let you guys know, from a player’s perspective, about some of the most common pitching ideas and beliefs. I just created a blog website and attached the link at the bottom. I would love it if you guys visited and commented asking me anything from what I have tested out to what my views are toward certain ideas and teachings. I have been around about every philosophy and would like to let you guys know what I thought was a waste of time and what I felt like was a big aid in getting me to where I am today. Thank You.

About Me:

Is there anything that you would like me to post on in my future posts to

? I planed on talking about Long toss and icing in my next two articles. I’m willing to discuss anything.


I just posted a new article regarding long toss. I know most of you will be shocked at what you read. Something every player has been doing for years can also be the silent killer of their velocity and arm pain.

sounds like somebody has been drinking the dick mills koolaid

Yeah, pretty much what I thought.