Critique the mechanics

check them out

I can’t tell if you look down mid windup or not due to the video quality, but other than that, i think it’s pretty solid. I heard someone say you’re using too much arm. I dont know if that it true. I also couldnt see where the ball was when it reached the catcher, but if accuracy and velocity are good, then you’re solid. Small things which i may be wrong about: Try to break your hands a split second later, and try to get more of a solid plant with your front foot.

whats wrong with looking down

Well for some people…who dont have 360 degree vision…you break contact with the target, and it can mess you up.

If you have the kind of muscle memory that you can hit the same slot every time it can work. I think Okajima (something like that, a Japanese reliever for the Bosox) looks away as he releases. Seems like it would be more difficulty for no reason.

Yeah, that’s what i was getting at.

first the good. you seem to be very explosive. you also seem to have a very high and balanced leg kick. and you get powerful rotation

now the bad. there are two issues. your posture (head and center of gravity) and your glove arm. as you start your momentum toward home plate your head drops about 3 inches causing your release point to be off by about six inches. this affects your control and lessens your velocity somewhat. to fix the problem pretend your nose is on a string to the catchers target when you throw. your head should be on the same consistant slope as the mound. i also see that your glove arm is not stabilizing in front of your body, its kind of flinging behind your back. this affects your control and makes you “fall off the mound”. this video shows you what you should do:

ima have to disagree with this whole looking down being a bad thing. i look down and alot of mlb pitchers also look down. i know that i look down to see the front of the mound and make sure i know where im gana land. im pretty sure this doesnt effect my mechanics because looking down comes before the fall so its not like anyone is looking down while there falling then looking up in a hurry to see the target.

Ok jake, more power to you

Well, the arm does follow the head, so looking down as you throw could mess with aim. Especially for people who have less than perfect control, losing sight of your target could effect the placement.

If you can do it, go ahead, but it’s not something I would ever start someone with. If you could even get rid of it without changing much I think it would be a good idea. I have no idea why you need to look where your foot is going.

i mean its not like im saying you all are wrong or anything but after reading this and then watching the cubs game almost every pitcher looked down while taking there step from the windup

I thought you were talking about release. I’m pretty sure most pitchers look away before refocusing and making the pitch. Especially with runners.

I am talking about release…Nevermind guys lol.

It’s not important, and it’s not helping the guy in the video.

Overall good mechanics. You could add more velocity with your back leg if you desire. Your back leg isn’t being used that much. If you watch little guys like K Rod for the Angels and Tim Linceum pitch you will see an explosive back leg just before front foot strike. This pushes your hips under your upper body more just before pitch release. See pic:

Which gives you more arch in your back and therefore more range of motion in your arm. See how far back his arm is behind his head. All this can add more velocity to your delivery. This will also increase your stride shorting your distance to the plate. I am sure you have been told that you need to stride out more. Just remember the stride is the result of good momentum to front foot strike and good momentum is wasted without good back hip to back shoulder separation.

yeah thank you but i recently made it on my college team{d1} and my mechanics have slowly gone down hill, i been at 86 87 mph and its killing me. I am much slower paced now and my stride is weak. I am going to go back to these

I don’t see anything wrong.

Maybe your stride has to be a little longer.

It doesn’t look to bad. o.0