Critique my son 9u Lefty


My 9 year old son throws from 37-52mph, let me know what you guys think.


The video is very poor to make an observation. The pitcher’s image is blended with the background “black”, the distance to the pitcher is such that any detail is lost, thus making any itemized suggestions almost impossible.

If you can get your son on the field by himself, taking a close up video of his pitching from the back, side and front while pitching, with quality video, it would be very helpful for us and in the end, your son.


He looks big and left handed. I would say things are going well.

The video is not detailed enough for anything more.

52 is pretty hot for a 9 yr old.

Good luck,


Copy that guys! I’ll get out this weekend and get better footage of him.


Just a reminder that the responses that will be forthcoming will be tailored to a 9 year old. A 9 year old will have a lot of changes to his mobility, balance, and choreography in short spurts as time goes on. In other words, he’s growing and developing things that make consistency difficult sometimes. So just be aware of what works today or this week, may not be there a couple of months from now.

Also, environmental conditions like the surface that he’s standing on while pitching has a tremendous impact and influence on his ability to take what’s give here and actually work with it. So, don’t be too harsh or judgmental on the flip side of trying to apply our suggestions and observations. Now I’m not suggesting that you will - but just be reserved during this entire process.


At 9 years old, he simply needs to put time into developing coordination of movement. One thing that I noticed is that stride knee flying open way too early which will create havoc the rest of the way through the delivery. Perhaps that’s a good place to start. Have him force himself to keep the outside of his right ankle facing down the target line for as long as he can.