Critique my delivery. Adult Pitcher

Hi :smiley:
I am new to the forum, i am in my twenties and live in CT. I play adult wood bat summer baseball, and in 2011 i made my first pitching appearances since 2007 when i played some summer ball. I have never been a starting pitcher and coaches put me in late innings. Over the course of four inning pitched in the last 5 years (lol) i have not allowed a run. This summer i had 3ks in 3 innings, which shows my desire to become a power pitcher some day.
I have only been Radar gunned once and it was in the low 70’s as of fall 2011, but since then i have done a ton of long tossing and changed my mechanics (went from set to windup) to hopefully pick up a couple more ticks.

Most recent video of my mechanics.
5’8’’ 160lbs, muscular

Video from Fall before routine long tossing and mechanics change. Thrown with bad warm up lol.

Your second video shows as β€œprivate”, could you change the preferences so we can see it.

What are you looking for from us, some mechanical suggestions or what?