Critique my 8 yr old


What are your thoughts on my 8 year olds mechanics. He throws heat for his age, but like other kids his age, he struggles to throw strikes. Throws at about 40-50% strikes. Of his outs probably 80% if not more are strikeouts.

Any feedback is appreciated.


That’s no where near 55.


Looks pretty good. Throws off to side some. Many do. Good leg movement . Just a dad like you though teach a kid to pitch. No pro. He’s off to a good start!


Weight leaks off his backside after hand separation. Becomes ‘stompy’ on finish and open…when he stomp he becomes heavy on the front side and therefore makes it soft…this turns into his arm chasing his front side instead of pulling or throwing against a firm lead leg.

Work on finding the small circle of balance on his back foot upon lift. If you can keep and feel that balance point on lift then he can begin to feel and keep that balance in the back foot which in turn keeps his weight back and allows for an easy transition into the pull phase.


Can you clarify a bit? I’m not sure if I follow.

Thanks for your feedback.

Here he is from the side:


I think he is tryin to say that if you work on balance, the correct weight shift will become natural. In other words, have your son get in the set position, then lift his lead leg up and hold. Balancing in this position will be the key to his lower bidy mechanics as well as sequencing for the entire delivery.


i thought this was an easy release


Yeah that is a good little clip…first thing that happens is his hand separation, then he lands on a firm front side and gets a full pull on release.


He was clocked at a baseball camp this week and was throwing 51, so ya, id say that is somewhere near 55, though I doubt for this pitch he was throwing at 100%.


Ive read a lot about this, and it’s never made sense to me. Not when I was coached it and not now. ■■■■■■■■■■■■ talks a lot about this, and I know he’s not the world renowned expert, but his take is that, why do we want them to stop ? What good does that do? They need to learn to use their momentum to drive forward. Makes sense to me, though I admit that could be the wrong take on it.


You aren’t stopping the delivery, you are using that balance drill as a tool to learn how to sequence the lower and upper body


The pitch thrown in the video OP is closer to 35 than 55.


Unless his mechanics are drastically different than those in the first video or he’s grown a lot, he’s didn’t throw 51.


Finally got 2nd video to play. He looks good. I would have to agree that it looks more between 35-45mph. But who can really tell from a video clip. 51 would be a insane speed for a 8 yr old though. Rumor has it the kids who throw 70 mph at 12 yr old rarely pitch in high school. Just stuff I’ve read. Seems hard to believe that. On our 9u team I see mixed results. Some kids throw hard and well but get hit on a lot big hits also. Others pitch fair and generate many outs. My only guess is the differences in delivery and release is allowing the hitter to judge location easier. I would just keep up the hard work. Long toss and throw football often in offseason . Don’t over emphasize velocity till he’s 16. It seems to be a curse anyway at a young age. Hopefully he has a great year and logs many inning and outs. It looks like he’s gonna.


Check this video out. It has the clock on some 8-9 yr olds who haven’t yet pitched in games. The gun has them at 43-46. I’m kinda amazed its that high. Looks like and actually speed I gues can vary. I think 53 mph at 46 ft should be on a rope. The first looks really good and I would believe he hit 45. You only need to watch first 2 min for radar.


When my son tried out for his 9u team a few years ago, every kid that made the team threw at least 44 mph, gunned from behind the backstop. And this was the summer before 9U so they were 8 years old. It r


At 8 years old my advice is don’t over analize. I think your kids doing a lot more right than wrong & given time (& space) he’ll figure out more efficient movement patterns by trial & error. Just work on intent & having fun for now, too many ideas & suggestions can be counter productive & take the fun out of the game for a young kid. On the speed don’t have a clue & don’t care at 8 years old; no need for a radar gun at 8. Some hard throwers at 8 will be soft tossers or out of the game in a few years & vice versa. Just have fun for now or more importantly let him have fun.


What was the gun? Some guns arent too reliable, i can tell you that for a fact. Unless hes bigger than how he looks in the video theres no way someone like him with his mechanics throws 55.


I just put that on here to give some people what pre 9u kids look like with the gun. Something I saw on YouTube . I don’t know them. Can we trust it . True what gun was it and is it calibrated ? If had to guess from just looking at those pitches I would have guessed 38mph. We did machine pitch at 42.last summer and that the only thing I could judge by. They weren’t ever calibrated but everyone’s jug machine looked close to same around league. Speed on machine goes by wheel rpm. 8u. 9u fall ball kids pitch and 9-10 combine best I saw was probably a little faster than machine I would guess 47-50. Average kid was probably 40. The machine looked faster than most kids pitch.


Did they look better than those kids in video. 44 is the reality for great 9u. Then there are the one off that can go 53-56. But its rare . The first kid looks really good. I think it was right on.