Cressey Performance Results!

a little bit from the post:

"Back on September 9, we officially kicked off the pro baseball off-season with Tim Collins’ arrival at Cressey Performance for his first training session of the off-season. Coming off a great season that included a promotion to Double-A at age 20 and a Blue Jays organizational pitcher of the year award, Tim was ready to get after it - and that’s exactly what he did. From that day in September through February 6 (when he was called to Florida for mini-camp), Tim added 21 pounds to his frame while getting leaner - and increased his vertical jump by four inches (to 37.9 inches).

Tim was one of over 30 pro guys we had this winter. Results were typical. "

Yep! Quite the transformations their pitchers have gone through. As you can see, they do focus on vertical leap for their guys.

I’m visiting CP this thursday! Can’t wait.

Looking forward to your report.

When you going to be there? It’s 15 min from my home?

oops! i posted my response a couple days ago but it looks like it didnt go through since i didnt see you there from 12-2. my bad. still in the area for a couple hours then driving to uconn for a visit tomorrow morning.

let me know if you get this soon, might be able to stop by otherwise my bad.

Email is best if u let me know soon if my phone doesnt die before then

How was your trip to CP? Did you meet Paul Nyman?

The trip was great! I got a lot of good tips from Eric and meeting everyone there was a blast. I didn’t get to meet Nyman unfortunately.

Definitely a legit gym, with a great training atmosphere. I threw from a mound for the first time in a few months to cressey, and he and the pitching coach at CP Matt Blake had some helpful tips (they didn’t try to change everything and acknowledged I had my own arm action and “style” but did identify a potentially problematic area in my delivery).

I’ll just copy and paste some of Eric’s feedback, hopefully he wont mind.

"1. Overall, your flexibility was pretty solid. The only areas where I think you could improve are in lengthening the pec minor and hip adductors. Really, neither was outrageously bad, but they are still things you’ll want to prioritize. I prefer supine pec minor stretching with a partner, but if you don’t have one, use the corner pec minor stretch and no money w/band (both attached). For the adductors, I like split-stance kneeling adductor mobs and stability ball adductor stretches on the wall. All are attached.

  1. Regarding your actual pitching, you’ve got a super-live arm, and thanks to your flexibility and good athleticism, the force transfer is good. What I think you need more than anything (and I’m sure you’ll agree) is continuity in throwing so that you can realize your potential – and it’s hard to do that when you’re always in pain.

To that end, if I had to pinpoint one thing that I think is causing a lot of your issues, it’s the lumbar rotation you’re in during the early cocking phase – as it’s your way of using your spine to develop power. I think that if you can moderate/eliminate that and instead get more hip rotation, you’ll be golden. You noticed what a difference it made when Matt did the step-behind drill with you – and that’s because it got you going forward without that wasted (and potentially injurious) movement.

I think getting rid of that lumbar rotation also comes down to patience in your delivery. Even the most violent deliveries at the big league level are more “deliberate” early on in their motion. You can have it both ways!

  1. To help you with that transition to “more hips, less spine,” you definitely need to stay the course with a lot of anti-rotation work (split-stance cable lifts were the drill you did at CP) and plenty of glute activation – particularly on that right side (right-sided low back pain is actually far more common, and poor glute function is one big reason why). One-leg supine bridges are a good start.

  2. I know you’re really amped up to throw when you get to the field (or wherever else you’re throwing), but you need to take time to prepare your body. Step 1 is your dynamic warm-up and gentle shoulder stretches (sleeper), then you play a little light catch before progressing to your lead-up drills at 80-90%.

These drills won’t just help you to warm-up; they’ll help you to develop a better rhythm to keep you healthy without interfering with your “natural” style of throwing. The drills are: stride, figure 8, balance & break, and step-behinds. Let me know if you’d like videos of these.

  1. Once you’ve finished up your lead-up drills, you can long toss it out and then get on the mound, gradually working up the intensity. Be consistent with your foot placement on the rubber. You were all over the place the other day."

That’s awesome, Lanky. That kind of analysis is invaluable.

here’s a guy with endless amounts of energy who is actually EAGER to get you results. He answers my follow up emails and questions in extraordinary detail.

I’m more convinced than ever that this guy is one of if not the best in the business.

here’s a guy with endless amounts of energy who is actually EAGER to get you results. He answers my follow up emails and questions in extraordinary detail.

I’m more convinced than ever that this guy is one of if not the best in the business.[/quote]

Lanky, how much money did this cost you? If you want to PM instead of post it here I’d understand. Is it safe to assume this is in Massachusetts? I live in upstate NY so this is within a days drive for me.

lanky, how was eric able to identify your poor glute activation? I notice I often have a sore back on my right (RHP) side and would like to better activate my glute

he was more saying that glute activation is often related to low back pain. Nothing he did in his assessment raised a big red flag in this department (that I’m aware of) but it’s still something to cover especially when an athlete like me has pretty extreme anterior pelvic tilt and a history of chronic back and hip flexor problems.

And people wonder why I recommend Eric so highly! Sounds like you had a great time and learned a lot, LL. Thanks for reporting in.

Lanky Lefty, you have a PM.