Creating A Recruiting Video/ Contact With College Coach

My Names Josh, a first semester Sophomore at Flagler College in St. Augustine, FL. I wasn’t able to make the squad this year because of lack of space (23 Returners, 11 Recruits), and I am in the process of transferring to the University of North Florida. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I hope to make a recruiting video to send to the coach, and keep in contact with him during the spring through the summer until tryouts.

What should I contain throughout the video? I want to make a good first impression with the coach, and hopefully it will help lead me into the direction I wanna go.

Does anyone have experience in making one of these videos?

Also, what type of personal information should I include whenever I send the initial e-mail to him?

Got to hear from the head coach at USC about videos. He preferred keeping them very basic. Don’t need music or fancy effects - he’s not interested in that stuff. He needs to be able to see what you’ve got and maybe a little of how you handle yourself on the mound at game time.

Clear stable video (use a tripod) from a couple different angles (side and front or rear) showing your mechanics and your pitches is best. Throw in some game-time video and you’re good. Don’t make it any longer than it needs to be to show the above.

That is good advice Roger, I would like to hear from some other coaches that deal with these things too. All opinions count!!!

When we’ve shot video, coaches tend to ask for the video to be short and to the point. They want views from the third base side for a RHP, first for a LHP, behind the plate, and behind the mound (if possible).

They want 2 shots of each pitch from behind the plate or behind the mound in a bullpen session, clearly noted on the video.

If they have strength training metrics, they want to see your best 1RM efforts often too.

A radar gun in the view of the shot is important too, so they know you’re throwing as hard as you say.

Our games for varsity here in Massachusetts start in 2 weeks. In the middle of April, when our guys have a few appearances under their belts, we’ll start having our Sophomore and Junior pitchers putting together video clips of their innings using a tripod and Stalker Pro radar gun.