Hi this is my first post on this webpage. I just turned 16 years old. I am 6’1 175lbs and am hav not stopped growing. I am wondering if creatine is right for me considering i am very lean and want to get bigger. i am working out in the weight room. Will taking creatine hurt my body right now, should i wait till im older? Also will it better me as a pitcher?

There is tons of research on creatine, which is good.

But I think most kids should like at diet first.
Get an idea of how many calories your taking in, and from what foods your getting your calories from. Most guys have tons of stuff to address before creatine really.

Also if you haven’t been working out for more than a few months you really don’t need it. Just being consistent with your training will provide plenty of results.

It wont hurt, but I dont see a real reason to start on creatine. At 16 you are at the peak of your body’s natural testosterone, so putting on muscle should be easy. You NEED TO EAT if you want to get bigger. Pretty simple really. Creatine wont add lean muscle.

Eat more frequently throughout the day. Eat protein at every meal and add plenty of fruits and vegetables. Start aiming for 3000 calories per day and see if you gain weight. If not, then add 250 more calories a day and weight yourself again after a week. 1-2 pounds gain a week is good for putting on lean muscle.

Can’t it be bad for people who are still growing to use creatine?

Nothing has been proven to my knowledge. Knowing how creatine works, I seriously doubt that it would even be possible (stunting growth).

But like centerfield said, there are not many reasons for a young guy to take creatine. Diet is numero uno but many people want some quick fix type of deal. After trying creatine I can tell you that the benefits are not that big. Taking a multivitamin everyday, eating a good diet, and drinking plenty of water have made the biggest difference to my training.