yeh i am right about to take 100 percewnt creatine how much should i take and when should take it and can i take other substances when im on it

All you need is about three grams after you lift, there is no need to load it. You can stack creatine with pretty much anything just watch your caffine intake that can hinder its effectiveness.

when i first take it it says take about 5 times a day for the first five days should i do that ?

Alright here’s the deal with the “loading” phase.

Taking 20 grams for 5 days gets creatine in your muscles to its max stores after the 5 days.

Studies have shown you can get a full muscle concentration of creatine by simply taking a regular dose, 3-5 grams for about a month.

So after one month, you will be at the same point. And you will have to just take a maintanance dose to continue to keep your muscle concentration.

Personally unless you are in a rush, save yourself the possible heck of cramping and take 5 grams a day for a month.