What do you all think about using creatine? I was talking to one of the top hiigh school pitchers in the country and he said he uses it.

I wouldn’t worry about taking it, it’s not really needed. Something like Glutamine might be better though, for decreased recovery times(I think).

I will defer to our resident supplement expert, lbarber :smiley:

On a side note: I have noticed some small gains due to creatine. It’s not the magic bullet I thought it was, but it does help. Maybe the mental aspect helps some, too. You start expecting your body to kick out the extra couple reps on each set, so you push harder each workout. Whereas before I might have said, “Okay, I am too tired to do another rep,” now I am thinking “I should be able to do more, I’m not stopping til I hit X amount of reps.” The placebo effect can be just as effective as an actual, physical benefit.

pitchers really don’t have any use for creatine. creatine makes the cells in your muscles bigger so it can store more water in them it gives your muscles a more vascular appearence and it also helps when lifting and your trying to get that last rep.

Personally I really don’t have a problem with creatine for two main reasons.

It has yet to appear to be harmful to the body (actually positive in many aspects).

An athlete must bust there butt in the first place in order to see the real “effects” of creatine. It’s not going to help really if your not working out hard in the first place, and not eating right. And it will never help if you just sit on the couch.

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Follow this link, and you’ll learn pretty much everything you need to know about creatine.

But yeah, there’s nothing wrong with supplementing it. The only thing I noticed while supplementing with Creatine monohydrate was that I held more water then usual. Which is supposed to happen, since it pulls more water into the cells. But… I also noticed a bloating effect to it, and to tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of creatine monohydrate because it didn’t do a whole lot for me other then make me appear bloated. Some users report cramps while taking it, but the usual case for this is because they’re not drinking enough water! Aim for 1-1.5 gallons of water a day while using it. And if needed, aim for 2!

I recommend Creapure. And if it works for you, stick to it. Theres no studies proving CEE to be more effective then creatine monohydrate. But yes, in my experience, I noticed better results using a product called Green bulge which utilizes both Magnesium creatine chelate, and CEE.

One more thing, before using any supplement, make sure your diet is in line. Creatine’s not magical! Diet comes first, then supplements!.

Stick to the basics for now, Multi-more important then creatine! Whey protein, fish oil, and then creatine. Good luck!

heh, see thats why I waited for you.

I am not completely sure I trust creatine anymore. I have been using Kre-alkalyn for a month and a half without noticing any major difference. I will get some creapure when this runs out and then compare the two. The “bloat” seems to hit some people more than others. Did you do the loading, or saturation, phase?

I actually did two phases of it to see how well it actually worked for me. When I first began using it, I used 5 grams a day for about month, but saw no noticeable difference, so I stopped using it.

The second time I used it, I did a loading phase at 20 grams a day for 5 days. Then dropped it down to 5 grams for maintenance. I was definitely holding quite a bit of water, because it was quite noticeable around my face. I did, however, have some pretty good workouts while supplementing with it again, but I can also say that part of that is due to the placebo effect. I can say that because at the time, I was pretty hyped up to get back to my training. Would I supplement with it again, no, because there are other products out there that work better imo. Not to mention, I hate feeling bloated…

Let us know how it goes, and if you still don’t notice a difference with the creapure. Try CEE out, and see how that works. Although, there are safety issues surrounding it; some say it’s completely safe, while others have reported negative side effects from it. One person, in particular, noted that supplementing with it caused his kidneys to enlarge. Whether or not it was actually from CEE is questionable, but it’s useful information to know (here you go-

Or you can even try this stuff out…