Should I be taking this before I workout? I just turned 16, and I’ve been lifting, and I usually take the protein shake after my workout.

take it about 1 hour before you workout so it can be in your bloodstream

Depends who you ask. Some people take creatine pre-workout, others take it after. The only thing that really matters is that your muscles have excess creatine in them. If you take it pre workout I would also take in some juice with sugar in it, like grape juice. Personally, I take mine in the morning, and that has worked fine for me (I lift at night).

At 16, I wouldn’t expect big time gains. Your testosterone should be in full swing, so if you arent getting bigger and stronger I would doublecheck your workout program. Eating lots of good foods will do more for you than any pills, powders or other supplement.

That being said, creatine can certainly help with endurance and adding more reps and sets to each workout session. You want to make sure that you buy from a reputable company (I have heard many good things about Creapure). You will need to be drinking upwards of 1.5 gallons of water a day in order to prevent dehydration.

i’ve had great size/strength/energy gains using controlled labs green bulge and white blood together

I don’t think you need the stuff, but here’s what I recommend.

Creatine, like protein, should be taken after a workout. For the few times in my career that I took creatine (in college, once in an off season) I mixed it with my post-workout protein shake. You don’t need to “load” either with monster scoops of the stuff during the first week of using it. Two to three mgs is good enough.

But like kc86 said: You’ll need to drink a lot of water. And you may feel lethargic (slow, heavy) during aerobic activity such as longer running or riding a stationary bike.

I didn’t like that feeling, so I only took it a few time in my career – and never in high school or as a pro.