Creatine, Protein, Nitric Oxide oh my!

I was looking at the various products available for me to use to supplement my upcoming summer/fall/winter training regime and was wondering if anyone could help me.
What are the +/-'s to creatine. and to protein.
Should I use one or the other or stack them together for super results?
Thanks for your help

Downside to creatine is that you need to drink 120 oz. of water EVERY day or else you get dehydrated. Upside is that your muscles can take in more creatine, so you can get a couple more reps in each set before muscle failure.

Protein is the building block for muscle (amino acids) and there isnt really a downside. Get some whey isolate (Optimum Nutrition Whey is the best out there right now). Take it post workout, and also before you go to bed if you are looking to add bulk muscle. Never take in more than one scoop at a time, your body can only process so much at a time. The rest just goes out as waste.

Personally, I have stayed away from creatine. I dont want to worry about dehydration and the headaches associated with not getting enough water. You have to decide for yourself if the gains are worth it for you. Nitric Oxide, btw, is something that is new on the market. I am keeping an eye on it to see if it really lives up to the hype. Then I might buy some.

Oh yeah, and if you are looking for max results (muscle gain) you should stack pre-workout creatine and post workout protein shakes.

Could you recommend a good tasting protein powder? I’ve tried a couple different brands (GNC and Nectar) and both tasted like complete garbage.
Also any good brands of creatine? I was thinking of Xyience NOX CG-3.

They don’t need to be stacked together, but if you have the money it’s recommended.

Ones that I would recommend:

Man Clout, Man Body Octane

DS Xceed, Primaforce CEE

Controlled labs Green bulge/whiteblood.


If you want something like Xyience NOX CG-3, I’d go with bsn Noxplode, much cheaper, and more effective, atleast from what I’ve read.

Here’s a stack I plan on using in the future: DS xceed/primaforce CEE, Scivation xtend/Substance wpi, USP labs Cissus rx, on whey protein,
GNC mega men’s multivitamin, flaxseed, now ginger root. Scivation Anagen/bulk citruline malate/ast nac/ Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide/Ergo farm gf pro cherry.

I’ll be back to suggest other ones that I’ve read about.

Coincidentally I was doing quite a bit of research on No-Xplode this morning.

I did find on their official website you can get a 5 day trial set for 7 bucks shipped, which is a very fair price. In the reviews I’ve read, people could notice a difference from the very beginning (different from traditional supps) so oddly enough 5 days could be a sufficient amount for evaluation.

There are a ton of reviews availiable some written better than others.

I haven’t chcecked the ingredients vary closely to make sure there is nothign which is potentially negative. (the next thing on my list to do)
In the reviews I’ve seen things such as “the best us natural guys can do” and things like “my veins were bulging like water hoses before I even got into the gym”.

The only thing I don’t like so far is that I think it contains caffine, and as hyped as some of the reviews sounded, it may be to much caffine, lol.

If anyone has anything further on NO-Xplode I’d like to hear it, because I gotta add something to my regimine, which I’m looking to bring into force after high school ends shortly.

No-Xplode is a scary supp for me because I have no idea how it works. The premise is that it gets you more “amped up” for a workout, letting you lift more. The downside (as CF said) is that you dont know if it is packed with caffeine or what. This is what the label says:

[quote]NO-Xplode’s Proprietary Blend - 20,500mg †
(NO-Xplode Contains a patent pending nutreint suspension matrix & efforsorb™ delivery system) [/quote]
So, I do know that it is a blend of something, just not what that is. They warn you not to take it within 4 hours of your bedtime, so there has gotta be some serious stuff in play. Right now, the risk just isnt worth it (IMO). Hopefully some studies will come out that say if that stuff is completely safe or not.

They warn not to take it four hours before bed time because it could keep you up. The whole premise with noxplode is that it’ll energize you going into your workout.

Personally, if one were to take noxplode, I would recommend taking it with cell mass/nitrix, or just cell mass. Very expensive though, hence why it would probably be better to supplement with Controlled Labs green bulge/white blood. Or you could use Green Bulge pre workout with Noxplode, and use a bulk CEE post workout. I’ve never used Noxplode, so I can’t comment on whether or not it worked for me.

What you could do is green bulge/whiteblood/BCAA(Scivation Xtend)/Substance WPI(EAA). Could be a very effective combination.

Or Controlled Labs Green bulge/whiteblood/purple wrath.

Or Green bulge/man clout/purple wrath…etc…

Their are alternatives to BSN Noxplode; some of them provide the same effect, plus, are cheaper.

Check out
And go to the forum section, plenty of people there would be willing to help you out, and set you up with a good stack. Not to mention, you could run a search there on certain products, and then read the reviews given by forum members.

That varies on the individual…creatine doesn’t even work for everyone, i’ve talked with alot of people who have no beneficial results from it, and I for one have NEVER had any cramping or headaches from creatine…I typically drink alot of water but I’m sure on occasions I didn’t drink as much as I should but I’ve never had any cramping

that’s 100% on the individual

i’ve used swolev2

and i’ve used
green bulge+white blood

swole taste’s amazing, it’s like sweettarts…I had better strength gains with green bulge+white blood, I recall having more energy on green bulge+white blood but I had similar size gains with the both of them

Also, to add to what taylor said, if Creatine monohydrate does not work, try out CEE, or Kre-Alkalyn. Not everyone responds to monohydrate, but that’s the good thing with being able to experiment with different forms of creatine.

Creatine may cause cramping, but only if you don’t drink enough water. As for headaches, hmm, never experienced that.

So which protein powders don’t taste like complete garbage??

Ergo Farm GF Pro rasberry lemonade

Substance WPI Watermelon/Grape flavors

On Chocolate

Syntrax Fuzzy Navel

Muscle Milk Chocolate

Cytogainer chocolate malt tasted pretty good, although it’s a weight gainer.

After this season ends, I plan on using Ergo Farm GF pro cherry, and substance WPI Grape, and possibly try out fuzzy navel since I’ve heard a lot about it. I’ll let you all know how they taste.

NO Explode im my opinion is the best creatine you can buy. Ive been taking it for a while and i love it (i just took some today hahah) although its pretty pricey its worth it and will allow you take have more energy and focus in the gym. NO explode, a multi vitamin, and some protein powder will do the trick. Also i have been taking NO explode for a while now and i have never gotten cramps or had headaches from taking it.

LHP: I was just curious how old you were, I’m only 15, so I was thinking I was still a little young to be messing with no xplode, but I was wondering about it still.

im 19 but i dont think it would be bad for you to take

If you get noxplode, stack it with some bulk CEE.

Something like Primaforce CEE.

There’s a reason why many stack no xplode/cell mass together.

But seeing how you don’t really need to add cell mass; if you have the money, go for it, if not, no worries, buy some bulk CEE.

you really dont need to buy CEE creaine 2 (it gets kinda expensive) but ive taken both no explode and cell mass together and liked it. just make sure after your workout your having something like a protein shake.

No-Xplode has one gram of creatine per scoop. Most creatines I have looked at say you need to take 20 g a day loading and 10 g for maintenance. So would the effects of 3-5 g of creatine a day be noticeable? Or is it more of the pre-workout rush that you take NO-Xplode for?

I think I will try creatine this summer, see how I like it.

I am also looking in on buying some No-Xplode right after baseball season ends and using it for football lifting.

Is it good to take No-Xplode before lifting and then going out and practicing? I know you are supposed to take it 30-45 minutes before you workout but is it good to take it then practice right after you lift?

yeah thats what NO explode helps with. it allows you to work out harder for a longer time and your able to maintain your focus for a lot longer.