Creatine on pitching days?

I bought Xyience NOX CG3. I was wondering if it would be of benefit to use before I pitch.
I mean, it says it gives you energy and prolonged strength and says you can use for anything from weight training to running.
So why not before I pitch?
Imput always welcome.

Input not Imput

Creatine itself wouldn’t make too much of a difference. As long as the muscle is saturated, creatine does what it is supposed to do. Wouldn’t matter when you took it (so long as the muscle didnt use the excess). I don’t know about the NOX bells and whistles. I think it is similar to Nitrix (which I asked a doctor about, he said the stuff was worthless for workouts :roll: ). It gives you a “pump” which increases the blood going through the veins. It is supposed to do all kinds of magical stuff, but I havent seen much proof.

Anyway, I think lbarber takes something similar to that, hopefully he can give a better answer.

Imo, I think you wasted your money… Xyience NOX CG3 isn’t going to do a whole lot for you, not to mention, for the price, there are better products out there. From my understanding, it’s a NO plus creatine. It be pointless to use something like that before you pitch. You’re better off using BCAA’s to fuel performance, and aid endurance then a NO booster. Save it for when you lift.

I’ve used a NO booster in the past-whether or not it actually aided my weight lifting is questionable, but I did see strengh gains while supplementing with Green bulge plus White blood-NO. I also experienced some incredible pumps while supplementing with these, too…

Just load up on good, clean foods before you pitch, and you should be good to go.

Anyways, imo, I think it would be more useful for you to just save the Xyience NOX CG3, and use it when you’re working out.

Alright thanks. I ask just because I wasn’t sure, and I didn’t get a bad bad price ($35), but I’d rather have it for useful situations than waste it.